Why should I use Ezstats?

Fitbit Developers try to assess their app or watchface usage through the no of ratings, which is a poor indicator of usage, considering the fact that not ALL users rate.

With Ezstats, by just spending a few minutes you can get valuable usage data.

How does this work?

Ezstats provides valuable usage data that you cannot get through Fitbit gallery. To get this data, you need to Sign up. for an API Key, download the library. and add a reference in your code.

What data do we collect?

The data we collect for a specific app or watchface is available ONLY to the developer.

We get a data ping on first install and once a day after that. Each ping give us the timezone, locale, country and frequency of usage. The data pings stop when the user uninstalls the app or changes the watchface.

No identifiable or private data is collected about the user. Our javascript library is transparent and easy to read.

Does the library need special permissons?

For Ezstats to work, you need to check access_internet permisson in package.json of your project.

Does this library slow down your application?

Of course not! EzStats Library is very lightweight.

We send a data ping only once per day. A data ping transmits an usage flag, locale and timestamp.

My issue is not listed in the FAQ

Have questions? Email us at support@ezstats.app.

Thanks for using Ezstats!